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My blog for my short stories/novel excerpts. If you like thriller/horror/sci-fi with a touch of the surreal, you’re in the right place.

Jeff’s Lunch

Jeff walked into the pub. They called them pubs here, that was right. At least he thought so. Wasn’t that a British thing? He could barely pronounce Lithuania. It was cold, he knew that much. The sign battered against the door on its rusty chain in the wind. The “Arm and a Leg”. The placeContinue reading “Jeff’s Lunch”

Decker and Bril

Decker got to know his room like a regular lover. The facilities, washroom and materialiser slot were a little higher class than your typical brothel, but after a while there was the same smell of warm human and desperation. And it had the same guard on the other side of the locked door. The sunContinue reading “Decker and Bril”

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